Project Development based on Systems Thinking

From my own, often painful practical experience in countless projects in the areas of mobility, energy supply and sustainability, I have learned that the complex problems we face today in all industries can by no means be solved by technical solutions alone. The multidisciplinary tasks involved can only be solved with holistic, systemic methods and their consistent practical application.

I have therefore decided

to only participate in projects or accept assignments where my clients understand this and are willing to walk this path. Depending on the assignment, I call in experts up to artists, with whom I have been working for many years, and so we ourselves are a multidisciplinary system of experts, characterized by decades of experience, appreciation and trust.

Our way of working can best be described by taking a look on our role models: 

Donella Meadows
‌Russell Ackoff
‌Peter M. Senge

Due to demand, our current focus is on systemic process development in the field of energy autonomy and the associated circular economy.


#1: 2022-2023 Highly specialized and sophisticated software tools for energy simulations do usually not consider whole systems with all its interconnections. Since the tools pretend an accuracy that does not exist, they actually complicate the problem.
‌A simple example is the integration of e-mobility into the home or business energy system. What works perfectly in theory quickly reaches its limits in practice: Countless home automation devices have to communicate with each other and with the e-car. If a PV system with or without battery storage and a heat pump are added, it becomes even more problematic. Although the devices communicate with each other, optimized and thus resource-saving operation of the overall system is currently still the exception, despite defined interfaces and standards. To address this problem, we are currently working on the project "Development of a demand-based, flexible, dynamic process for holistic planning/conversion of the energy system of buildings" and its pilot implementation.

‌#2: 2022-2024 A manufacturer of a food speciality understood our systemic approach and asked us to design a new factory for him on a greenfield site. We were given all the freedom to develop this factory according to our approach, and not only to consider and holistically develop the production according to circular economy, but also the interaction of the future factory with its operators, the staff, the customers and suppliers and last but not least with its environment. In short, it is a question of reconciling ecology, economy and social issues.

‌‌#3: 2022-2025 A non-profit organization is already in the process of not only introducing e-mobility in its branches, but also transforming its entire mobility system. The project is very challenging because the interests of the stakeholders are strongly conflicting. This problem can be solved by a holistic approach. The customer has therefore asked us to look at the ongoing project from a systemic perspective and, together with the project management, to accompany a continuous systemic conversion process over a longer period of time.

‌‌‌#4: 2023  We are supporting a startup company that wants to completely rethink publishing and build an entire ecosystem around e-books based on a systemic approach on the topic of "building a positive future for all". This is a particularly interesting case for us, as we are diving deep into scaling business models based on systems thinking. 
‌Update 12/30/2022: In fact, it turns out that the central idea behind this whole publishing house is so powerful that it has unleashed a huge reservoir of energy that makes our contribution "effortless," so to speak, as everything seems to fall into place (= a typical systemic outcome!). Or in other words, "Synchronicity (© C.G. Jung, see for yourself...) in motion". We'll keep you posted.

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